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Calf Products

Epic Calf Newborn

GET IN BEFORE CLOSING TIME. EPIC CALF NEWBORN is a highly palatable paste loaded with egg proteins that provides support from Day 1. Timing is everything The first 12 hours of a calf’s life can determine the success or failure throughout their lives. It is vital that a calf receive colostrum and supplements during this timeframe. Newborn Calf Health When a calf is born, it has an immune...

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Quantum Leap Probiotic-plus FOS

QUANTUM LEAP PROBIOTIC – plus FOS improves feed efficiency of veal calves better than low level antibiotics and at less cost. There is no slaughter withdrawal, and it is a legal feed. Low level tetracycline or ANY ANTIBIOTIC FOR GROWTH PROMOTION IS ILLEGAL in veal. In the first month in the feeding program, veterinarians can prescribe tetracycline for use in veal at therapeutic...

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Quantum Leap Calf-Lyte Plus

Maintaining water balance in the calf is unquestionably the most important factor affecting survival. Along with loss of water, a large amount of electrolytes such as sodium, chloride and potassium, are lost during the diarrheic state. The occurrence of diarrhea in young calves is usually sudden and acute. Early detection and immediate treatment with a well balanced electrolyte solution can be...

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Quantum Leap Scour Product

Preventing scours is crucial the first week of a baby calf’s life. The calf is exposed to the parasites Cryptosporidia and Coccidia. The viruses Rota and Corona strip the villi from the calf’s intestine. E.coli, salmonella and clostridia bacteria produce infections with the resulting diarrhea. An ounce of Quantum Leap Scour Preventative fed twice a day for the first 10 days of...

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Packaged in 100 ml Multi-dose vials for $250.00 Packaged in 20 ml Multi-dose vials for $52.00 Packaged in 5 ml Multi-dose vials for $14.00 Immunoboost® “turns on” the calf’s own immune system to fight E. coli (K99) calf scours. Immunoboost offers more than traditional scours treatments: Survival rate of 90% in a severe E. coli challenge study Calves respond quickly to get back...

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EPIC Calf Scour Formula

Feed Supplement for Calves Patented EPIC base ( Egg Protein In Complexes) provides specific immunoglobulins (IgY’s) and non-specific immune cofactors. The egg protein is blended with select ingredients, each important in supporting the scouring calf. Epic is an Egg Protein In Complexes. Epic is produced by vaccinating chickens with 13 specific antigens that represent pathogens involved in...

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