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The Calf Doctor offers specific information and products designed through years of research and field experience in raising calves. When growers receive their calves and begin with a program approach, they are able to achieve success in getting their calves off to a quantum leap start.

Following the timing of vaccinations and using the specific type of vaccines will make a big difference in the number of calves affected by scours and respiratory diseases.
The Calf Doctor has introduced a new product called Immunoboost which enhances the calves’ immune system. Handling the calves to reduce the duration of stress is key to reducing morbidity and mortality.

The Calf Doctor has developed an effective electrolyte supplement called Quantum Leap Calf-Lyte Plus. When scours and dehydration threaten the calf, use this product to quickly replenish critical electrolytes and fluids.

EPIC— Calf Scour Formula and the esophageal Danish Calf Feeder are available through the Calf Doctor.