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Quantum Leap Scour Product

Preventing scours in the baby calves first week of life is crucial. Calves are exposed to parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can all result in diarrhea in the early stages of life.

An ounce of Quantum Leap Scour product fed twice daily for the first ten days of life can help prevent most infections caused by the usual scour bugs (except giardia).

Ingredient decoquinate takes care of the Coccidia. IgG from bovine serum protects against viruses as well as bacteria. The FOS is made up of poly and oligosaccharides act as prebiotics to promote the growth of good bacteria in the calf’s gut. Trace vitamins and minerals help to build a good immune system.

Quantum Leap does an excellent job in preventing scours and should be fed as soon after birth as possible. Prevent the scours, prevent the pneumonia that usually follows!
Safe for veal and herd calves.

10 pound bucket – $106.00 – Treats 8 calves for 20 feedings
25 pound bucket – $245.00 – Treats 20 calves for 20 feedings

Quantum Leap Calf-Lyte Plus

Maintaining water balance in the calf is unquestionably the most important factor effecting survival.  Along with water loss, electrolytes like sodium, chloride, and potassium are lost during the diarrheic state.

Along with early scour detection, 3.5 ounces of this product in 2 quarts of warm water twice a day in between feedings of milk replacer is a safe and effective way in reducing dehydration and nutrient imbalances in diarrheic calves.

Antibiotic free.  Contains FOS – a mixture of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides made of fructose units.

10 pound (46 dose) bucket – $38.00
25 pound (115 dose) bucket – $78.00

Quantum Leap Probiotic plus FOS

Improves feed efficiency of calves better than low level antibiotics at less cost. It can be legally fed to veal calves with no slaughter withdraw.

Quantum Leap Probiotic plus FOS selects the right live bacteria to protect the calf against intestinal pathogens, dramatically lowering E.Coli and Clostridial counts.  This product also increases appetite, enhancing feed efficiency.

Mix 4.5 grams (approximately 1 teaspoonful) per calf per feeding OR  1 lb/100 calves in the milk/feeding.

Cost: 25 pound bucket – $95.00

Immunoboost® (generic: amplimune)

Amplimune helps the calf’s own immune system to fight E.Coli.

More than traditional scour treatments; this product offers a 90% survival rate in severe E.Coli challenge study.  Amplimune helps calves respond quickly and get back to good health faster in just a single dose without resistance issues as with antibiotics. There are no tissue residue concerns. 

Using aseptic techniques, inject 1 mL intravenously or subcutaneously into calves of one to five days of age, at the first sign of disease.  Can be repeated at day 8 of life if needed.  DO NOT contaminate the bottle, use a clean needle.

USDA approved for use in cattle. Certified for organic use. 

20mL (20 dose) bottle: $76.00
100mL (100 dose) bottle: $355.00


EPIC = Egg Protein in Complex

Patented EPIC base provides specific immunoglobulins (IgY’s) and non-specific immune cofactors. The egg protein is blended with select ingredients, each important in supporting the scouring calf.

EPIC is produced by vaccinating chickens with 13 specific antigens (including Clostridium perfringens, the primary toxic “bug” in calves) that represent pathogens involved in calf scours.  The hen then puts these specific immunoglobulins into her eggs.  These eggs are then processed into the EPIC product to be fed in milk, milk replacer, electrolyte solution, or water as a treatment for scours.

When treating clostridia, you must get in the gut!  Vaccinations and other injectables, including Immunoboost®, do not work! 

EPIC Newborn Paste (birth-12hrs)


A paste loaded with egg proteins providing support from day one.

Feed one 42mL tube orally within the first 12 hours of life (before gut closure).

Cost: 60mL tube (1 dose): $8.75 

EPIC Scour Product (calves over 24hrs)

Same great product in powder form for feeding after 24 hours of age.  Feed one scoop (20 gms) in two quarts of milk, milk replacer, or electrolytes by nipple or esophageal feeder twice daily for 3-5 days or as needed.

Cost: 2.2 pound pail – $75.00
22 pound bucket – $495.00

We Also Offer…

Call for more information on these products.

Calf Fortifier

Get all your vitamins in one injection, includes Vit B, Iron, Vit A & D, Vit E, & selenium.

Treats calves for only $1.00 per dose!

Cost:  50 dose bottles (250mL): $50.00

First Arrival with Encrypt Tubes

First arrival with Encrypt is a targeted supplement for dairy and beef calves and cattle of any age that helps to treat the causes of scours and malnutrition. First Arrival with Encrypt comes in a convenient tube form to allow for individual dosing anytime or place.
This contains live naturally occurring microorganisms to help support overall gut health and digestion along with immune function. It also contains soluble and insoluble fibers to protect layers of the gut lining, whole egg proteins, vitamins, and more.
Organic producers – check with your certifiers to see if First Arrival with Encrypt is approved for use in your cattle operation. Requires no meat withdraw.

Cost:  $10.00/tube

6% Deccox

Cost:  10 lb bucket: $139.50

Dr Russ’ Amplimune & Quantum Leap Scour Preventative Guide

Inject 1mL amplimune on Day 1 and Day 8 and feed an ounce of Quantum Leap Scour Product twice a day for the first 10 tens of the calf’s life to prevent all infections caused by the usual scour “bugs” (except Giardia). No need for additional antibiotics or additives.

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