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Quantum Leap Scour Product

Preventing scours in the baby calves first week of life is crucial. Calves are exposed to parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can all result in diarrhea in the early stages of life.

An ounce of Quantum Leap Scour product fed twice daily for the first ten days of life can help prevent most infections caused by the usual scour bugs (except giardia).

Ingredient decoquinate takes care of the Coccidia. IgG from bovine serum protects against viruses as well as bacteria. The FOS is made up of poly and oligosaccharides act as prebiotics to promote the growth of good bacteria in the calf’s gut. Trace vitamins and minerals help to build a good immune system.

Quantum Leap does an excellent job in preventing scours and should be fed as soon after birth as possible. Prevent the scours, prevent the pneumonia that usually follows!
Safe for veal and herd calves.